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MIX, spol. s r. o.

Our company is supplier of technological equipment with a focus on pharmaceutical, food, chemical and building industry. Mixing systems, which can be supplied either separately or as part of a tank, are core of our business. We also supply e.g. combined homogenizers, handling and transport columns, platforms and screw conveyors.

We design parameters according to your requirements and processing technology, we provide a complete implementation of the contract from proposal, through design processing, to manufacturing and assembly with eventual commissioning.

Our extensive experience and knowledge of engineers in branch, long standing experience of workers in manufacturing and good workshop mechanical equipment provide you a guarantee for reliably operating device that we believe will contribute to your satisfaction and development of your company.



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Proposals, design processing

We provide complete design documentation, including strength calculations.

Mixing systems

We provide complete implementation of the contract beginning from the proposal, thought the design processing, up to production and to the eventual installation with commissioning.

Screw conveyors

Screw conveyors are made with Ø 200 to Ø 500 mm, with a maximum length of the screw is 7 m.


Homogenizers are used for mixing bulk materials. We take into account mixed volume and customer’s need.